ChaChaTint- Benefit’s latest creation

On May 12th I was reading the latest installation of Benefit Cosmetic’s blog when I saw that for ONE DAY ONLY they would be offering their newest tint, “ChaChaTint,”  on HSN a month before it hit the stores.  Already being a fan of Benetint and Posietint, I just had to grab it!my HSN loot

My mango tinted stain arrived (with some other goodies I couldn’t pass up) a couple of days later and after the first application there was no doubt it was staying on my makeup shelves.  Like ChaCha’s sisters, the color is incredibly flattering on both the lips and the cheek.  It certainly imparts a more coral-orange color to your skin, but it’s not offensive; I love this color on my lips in particular.  When I apply it to my cheeks I prefer to first dot the tint onto my finger and then apply to the apples of my cheek.  Using this method, I feel the color appears more natural and you avoid creating hideous streaks.

Please forgive my self-portrait below, it was the fastest way to share what the color looks like on my lips and cheeks.  So… when this lovely little item hits the stores in June make sure you scoop it up!

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