How to handle a botched facial

It’s any spa-goers worst nightmare.  A few hours after your facial your skin starts to get red, blotchy and look like you have a rash.  YUCK!!

I’m bummed to say, that I had a facial this weekend at my favorite spa, and they used the sensitive skin products from 302 Professional Skin Care.  Sadly,I now have red blotches all over my cheek and won’t trust those products with my skin again.  gasp

So lets get down to business.  What do you do to help your skin when you have a bad reaction?  NOTHING!  At least that’s what I do, but I am not a medical professional.

If you absolutely have to wash your face during this time I suggest using Aveeno’s Ultra Calming Facial Cleanser as it’s incredibly gentle and won’t strip or irritate your skin further.  There is also always good ol Cetaphil, the cleanser that every dermatologist I’ve ever encountered seems to praise.

If I know I’ll be inside a while, I will also apply a tiny amount of over the counter hydro-cortisone cream to help alleviate the swelling and bumps.  Staying inside helps your skin from discoloring when using the hydro-cortisone.

I’ve got a fancy event to attend on Wednesday so I pray that doing NOTHING to my skin (no cleanser, moisturizer or make up) between now and then will get rid of the blotchiness in time.

This isn’t a fun blog post to share, but hey it happens and this is what I do.


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