Organix hair products left my hair missing chemicals

I have tried many sulfate and paraben free shampoos and conditioners out there (like Alba, EO, Nature’s Garden, Burt’s Bees and a few others), and sadly I’ve always found that they dry out my hair no matter what type I purchase.  So then on my trip to the grocery store last week, I grabbed a shampoo and conditioner from the Organix line, hopeful to find a different result.

I chose the Cherry Blossom Ginseng Shampoo for the Volumizing claims, and the Moraccan Argan Oil Conditioner for the restorative and shine creating claims.  I have the most amazing body lotion with Argan oil in it so I thought this conditioner was a winner.  After an entire week of using them, I’m not impressed.  The shampoo lathers incredibly well unlike other natural and organic shampoos, but the conditioner felt like a pointless step.  My hair is actually crunchy and has lost all luster to it.  It was also quite a struggle to get a wide tooth comb through my hair post shower.

Time to go back to the chemicals… unless someone out there can recommend an amazing line that works for fine and dry hair!organix  (and please do email…


One thought on “Organix hair products left my hair missing chemicals

  1. Pureology is what I have used for the past 5 years, and plan to forever! I have tried other brands, but like you said, dry out your hair or make it crunchy.

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