Use Alba’s Cream Shave to avoid dry legs

My biggest issue with shaving creams has always been their insane drying effect due to the common ingredient of alcohol.  I too wanted to have sexy and shiny legs as all of the glamorous Venus and Skintimate commercials boasted, but alas my skin felt like a desert after use.alba moisturizing cream shave

I read a piece in Real Simple magazine that shaving lotions like Alba’s Moisturizing Cream Shave did not contain skin irritating chemicals like alcohol, therefore eliminating the painful post shower experience.  I grabbed a tube of the Vanilla Mango from Whole Foods and after one use I knew I found my shower staple.  Gone are the days of super dry legs after shaving; the article didn’t lie.  I left the shower with soft and supple legs… and the guy didn’t mind their feel either!

So RUN to your local store and pick up a bottle, your legs will thank you.

Have a great weekend Junkies! xoxo


2 thoughts on “Use Alba’s Cream Shave to avoid dry legs

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