Lip and Cheek Stains from Stila

Cherry.  Yumberry.  Coconut.  Mango.  No I’m not listing ingredients for a fabulous smoothie or cocktail, but some of the colors and flavors of Stilas FAN-TAS-TI-CAL Lip & Cheek stains!

I wear Cherry Crush most days, it’s a a noticable berry color on my lips, but not so intense that I look like a street walker.  My personal favorite to wear on a night out with the gals is Acai Crush- this one is an intense shade of pink, almost a florescent berry if you can picture that.  When you smile with this color on- everyone in the room is looking at you going “wow, where did she get that color?!?!”  And lastly, when I need a subtle hint of color to pair with a smokey eye, my go to Stila lip stain is Coconut Crush as it’s a beautiful bronze.

Why do you need to run to the store and purchase one, or 4, of these lip stains?  Because they LAST.  I can put Cherry Crush on at 7am and still notice the color there by my 3pm coffee break.  I will warn you, though, that the darker colors like Acai are no joke and that baby is certainly staying on at full tilt for at least 8 hours.  So be sure you are ready for all of the attention before applying :).Stila Lip & Cheek Stains

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