Yes To Cucumber Facial Wipes- saved the day!

How do you take care of your skin when you are not allowed to shower for 72 hours, and your mobility is quite limited?  Facial Wipes- that’s how!

(I know, I know, not showering for 72 hours is TMI but hey when you have surgery it happens!)

Because of my knee surgery last Friday, I was not in the mood to hang out over the sink and perform my usual involved cleansing routine, but I still wanted to take good care of my skin while on the mend.  In order to help me with this task, I grabbed the super convenient package of Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes on my last trip to Whole Foods.yes to cucumbers

I wanted to try this facial towelette because the idea of towelette’s makes me feel a tad wasteful, but YTC provides you with a completely guilt free and biodegradable wipe.  I started using these guys prior to my surgery to test out their strength with taking off makeup- while they did an amazing job getting off any makeup on my eyelids and face, there was still residual mascara (and I don’t use waterproof) hanging out afterwards.  I might suggest using traditional eye make up remover before the wipes to ensure you don’t wake up with black smudges all over your eyes and pillow case.

The wipes have a light, crisp, and refreshing cucumber scent that I must say… was even a bit calming.  I also found them to be completely non-irritating to my skin.  My skin felt incredibly clean with each wipe, but not dried out.  AND I feel like they did a great job at gently exfoliating my skin after each use.

I fully intend to use these again if 1) I go camping, 2) am at the beach, or 3) heaven forbid I have surgery again and don’t have the strength or option to move a ton afterwards.  Many of my friends are already hooked on the Yes To Carrots Shampoos and Conditioners, so we’ll have to see what I think about them in the future!


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