TRESemme FreshStart Dry shampoo- me likey!

If you’ve picked up a beauty magazine in the last few years you will have read about how it’s healthier to wash your hair every other day, or every third if you can help it.  Frequent washing is said to dry out your hair and weaken it.  In comes new hair care products- dry shampoo.

I’ve used powder formulas in the past, and what I don’t like about them is that for brunettes, you really need to make sure you’ve rubbed in the product to avoid the appearance of dandruff.  Not to mention the excess that always seems to end up on the bathroom counter or floor.  I recently gave TRESemme’s FreshStart Dry Shampoo a whirl since it’s a spray formula- this lovely citrus-floral scented shampoo has now made the cut. TRESemme dry shampoo

The instructions advise shaking the can before each spray, and then applying the product while spraying the can 8-12 inches above your part.  Ok that’s easy enough.  Then… the user should wait the one to two minutes for the product to absorb your hair’s natural oils, and then brush the product through.  (I didn’t wait the first time I used it and boy did I look like a moron with snowflakes in my hair).  What I now do is I part my hair one inch above my ear, spray, repeat on the opposite side, part straight down the middle and spray, and then wrap it all up with a quick spritz to the hair at the nape of my neck.  To ensure Little Miss Impatient over here does wait the full two minutes I then apply primer, foundation if needed, and brow gel before I allow myself to touch a hair brush.

My hair is light, and full, and maintains that beautiful day old hair elegance after using this Dry Shampoo- all for about $6.  Success!!


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