CG’s NatureLuxe Silk Foundation

I’ve been reading reviews on Covergirl’s new NatureLuxe Silk foundation for a few weeks now, as every beauty blogger has been putting this one to the test the second it hit shelves.  Alas, I am sorry to say that this was not a foundation meant for my skin.

Let me preface my review by sharing that I am incredibly fortunate to have skin with next to no visible pores and rarely needs evening out.  I typically wear some sort of light coverage via a mineral make up or a sheer liquid foundation to create a base for the rest of my make up and as added sun protection.  With that being said, I tried Cover Girl’s latest and greatest to see what all the fuss was about.

Why was I not a fan of this foundation?  Well, I felt that it was incredibly heavy and didn’t smooth out over my skin very well.  I tried it with and without primer hoping to see a difference, but I did not.  Applying any powder blush or bronzer on top of this foundation proved to be an adventure in itself as the second a brush touched my face, every color particle seemed to settle right there giving me pseudo clown cheeks.  Blending was not an option.  It was frustrating to say the least.

I don’t want you to be completely turned off by this foundation, as again, this was my own experience.  Many other bloggers and customers have loved it, and you can check out there reviews here: BellaSugar, BeautyBets, or Ulta customer comments.  On the plus side, this foundation certainly kept my skin moisturized and did not clog any pores!

This foundation might be a good fit for you if you prefer heavier coverage and/or have uneven skin that needs a little help.

Back to the drawing board- Happy Friday Junkies!


UPDATE! (april 2011)  Ok so I think I found the magic combination that works for my skin.  I wanted to give it one more go and found that NARS Makeup Primer underneath the foundation allowed for the smoothest appearance and the rest of my makeup laid down beautifully.  So I guess a future post will be about the wonders of NARS products 🙂


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