LivingProof’s Full system- winner!

So… we’ve all been hearing a great deal about “winners” these days (thank you Mr. Sheen) and I would like to add to that list.

A few weeks ago I purchased Living Proof’s Full Shampoo & Conditioner as my hair could stand a little extra va-va-va-voom these days.  This brand has some serious muscle behind it, in the form of M.I.T. scientists, who started developing these products back in 2004.  In short, the products are designed to make each strand of hair lie one on top of the other after being coated by the fabulous formula. (I suggest watching the video on their website for a demo)

Here’s my experience:  From reading the reviews on I saw that many users really advise the styling products in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner.  Well, I didn’t listen and just stuck with the shampoo and conditioner.  After the first three days, I wasn’t really impressed.  My hair didn’t feel any different, and when I happened to get my hair cut on the third day my stylist asked what on earth was drying out my hair.  To add to my stupidity, the Living Proof Twitter folks also advised using the styling creme.  Yup, my bad.  So I went back to my favorite Sephora on Powell Street and grabbed the styling cream.  SUCCESS!  This morning my hair was full of life and supple, and I am completely sold on this product.  I have VOLUME!!!

The real test will be to hear how my sister likes this product.  Unfortunately her hair is incredibly fine, and I am on a mission to find her something that will give her hair the life and density she deserves.  Come back in the next two weeks to see what she says!

Party on Junkies… it’s hump day.


UPDATE! My sister LOVED this system and is now a user for life :).  She gets serious volume from the shampoo, conditioner and cream combo.  FABULOUS

One thought on “LivingProof’s Full system- winner!

  1. We’re glad you gave our Full Thickening Cream a try! Our scientists invented Full Shampoo and Conditioner to prepare your hair for either Full Thickening Cream or Full Thickening Mousse, so while they won’t provide volume, they will give fine hair the proper cleansing it needs for it to work with our products. We hope your sister likes the product, too! If she needs a super lightweight formula, maybe she’ll prefer the Mousse to the Cream?

    Thanks for your review, and we’re so proud our Full line has been labeled a “winner”! 🙂

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