how to save dry winter hands

Ugh… I hate this time of year as my hands tend to feel like sand paper.  This year my hands have been so dry that they cracked and bleed a tad bit.  GROSS!

So this is what I’ve done the last two weeks and it’s made a HUGE difference for my hands…

Before bed each night I diligently mix a dab of Aquaphor’s Healing Ointment with a seriously thick and moisturizing lotion like Korres Body Butter (i adore Vanilla Guava), or Dove’s Pro Age Cream Oil lotion and smooth it over my hands.  The Aquaphor helps to heal the cracks while the lotions lock in the moisture I need.

This last week I’ve placed a drop of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate (see previous post) on the top of my hands and sealed that in with their Ultimate Strength Hand Salve at the suggestion of a Kiehl’s employee.  Using this method each night, I feel that my hands retain the moisture the best and I avoid scary scaly hands.

What else can you do to prevent chapped and dry hands?  Wear gloves when washing dishes as your hands are protected from the water and dish soap… and brillo pads.  Ensure you are using gentle soaps when washing hands, like Method’s Hand Washes or Palmolive’s Milk and Honey wash.  Lastly, avoid scalding hot water on your hands whenever possible as that is a sure-fire way to dry them out!

Happy Friday Junkies!


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