Refresh your skin with this Berry Enzyme Mask

So… technically I’m working today at my 9-5 job, even though my clients and the rest of the US is off for Presidents Day.  Fortunately my schedule allowed me to work from home today, and that typically means I shower later in the day.  So for today “later” translated to noon.

Rushing out of the shower as I had a conference call scheduled for 12:30, I decided to throw on my new Ole Henriksen’s Blue/BlackberOle Henriksen Maskry Enzyme mask.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to be impatient and don’t always wait the recommended amount of time for the mask to work it’s magic.  The directions advise waiting 20 minutes, but I had it on for close to 30 thanks to the length of my call.  I hung up and ran upstairs to the bathroom to rinse off the gel and I LOVE the way my skin feels!  The mask rinsed off with ease and smells lovely thanks to the all natural ingredients .  It is noticeably firmer AND smoother, seriously hydrated, and my usually sensitive skin doesn’t look a bit irritated.

Blueberry and Blackberry extracts help to nourish your skin and smooth away fine lines (check!).  Other super ingredients like B5 aid in the hydrating and Lavender extract calms your skin to prevent irritation.

Ok I just had to share- now back to work!

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