A gal’s worst enemy- undereye bags!

This post goes out to my friend Sunita who just gave birth to her second beautiful baby boy!

Sunita emailed me… with one child asleep in the arm and the other tugging at a pant leg… “I need something for bags under my eyes other than the prescribed sleep- it just aint happening.”  Well have no fear!  I have a few suggestions that should help.  (And just let me know if I should make a home delivery while the boys are napping)

My absolute favorite solution for baggy eyes AND dark circles is Bliss’ Baggage Handler Eye Gel.  This product takes less than ten seconds to start working (from my personal experience), and will save you in a pinch.  The secret to this magnificent gel are the firming wheat and amino acids- good-bye bags!  When Bliss Baggage Handler Gelapplied, there is a slight cooling sensation and you can truly feel the product working.  I would caution users to be careful when applying a serum to their face and using this gel as it could be irritating… so make sure the eye cream stays in the orbital area and serum on the face.

Another wonder product to try is RoC Brillance Eye Beautifier as it will work immediately to eliminate puffy eyes and dark circles; and is clinically proven to smooth and tighten the look of delicate skin around the eyes.

For easy at home soRoC Brilliance Eye Beautifierlutions- check out this video from BellaSugar.com that features suggestions from esthetician Kate Somerville. All you need are Green Tea bags, some ice, and your regular eye cream!  (We’ll address some of my favorite eye creams in another post.)

When all else fails, you can even dab a bit of Preparation H cream under your eyes as well.

3 thoughts on “A gal’s worst enemy- undereye bags!

  1. Hey Kyra,

    So – i have MAJOR dark circles. Not so much bags as dark circles. What cover up do you recommend? Saw above that you use Laura Mercier concealer, but do you use a corrector, then a concealer? If so, what kind? Or do you use a cream, then corrector, then a concealer? Just a concealer? Any tricks?

  2. Oh and one more thing (probably should have gathered my thoughts prior to asking) – I was at Nordies yesterday and saw the Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer packet. I had them apply it and worked quite well, however, i did not purchase. Needed to go back and research other options, but it’s kind of overwhelming.

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