Night time miracle product from Kiehl’s

As I’ve tweeted about this product the most, it makes sense for it to kick off my blog’s debut!

During a trip to the Kiehl’s on Fillmore Street in San Francisco this past April, I was given a sample of their new Midnight Recovery Concentrate.  The store manager boasted the paraben free oil as her skin’s saving grace.  Given that my skin is between normal and dry and somewhat sensitive, I welcomed the opportunity to try it!  (and the lack of bad for you parabens is always a plus)  I was instructed to use two drops each night, and to then smooth the oil on my skin after cleansing.Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate

So I did just that.

It took one try for me to fall in love with this product.  Two drops of oil did not sound nor look like a sufficient amount, but I followed the rules and was able to smooth the product all over my face.  This product has a light texture so that it absorbs quickly into my skin, and contains natural botanical oils like Squalane and Evening Primrose to help balance your moisture level while feeding goodness to your skin.  According to Kiehl’s both will work to restore your skin overnight.

The following morning my skin actually looked supple; aka properly moisturized and healthy!  Extra bonus- you know when it’s been a LONG night out with maybe a few too many drinks and you wake up looking a bit haggard the next morning?  Well… I personally feel this product helps you look much more human.  Of course that requires you to wash your face before bed!

For $43 I think this product is a steal and it will absolutely last you a long time.


3 thoughts on “Night time miracle product from Kiehl’s

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